Susan at the Junos

I was thrilled to play one of the coolest gigs of my life…so far…Back-up bassoon for the Arkells at the 2015 Juno Awards!!!! Yeah, so that bassoonist who scored all the camera time??? This girl.
Exciting moments of the Junos for the entire Orchestra? Watching Arkells win Rock Album of the Year 5 minutes before taking the stage to perform Come to Light with them!!!! (Their other nomination was group of the year…which they won at the Gala on Saturday night.) Needless to say, they are a kick-ass band and it was frigging amazing to be on stage with them.
So the gig…what was it like? Well, to share an insider secret…big productions and movies/TV filming is all the same…Hurry up to wait. You end up with a really early call time, you doll yourself up, then hope the hairspray will hold for the next 3 hours!!! BUT, just because it isn’t the glamorous life that people imagine, it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t the coolest weekend of my life!!! (more…)