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Pride Shows 2015!

We have been busy little beavers getting ready for Pride this year and are VERY excited to announce that we will be featured in TWO stage shows!!!


Saturday June 27, 2015 at 6pm-7pm:

We will be teaming up with the lovely Catherine Hernandez (Legs) for an USO style show, For the Noise: A Wartime Review Show in a Time of War. USO shows were and continue to be review shows to boost the moral of military soldiers on the front lines. Now, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, Legs will be hosting a spectacular show like no other, honourng our “soldiers of resistance”, beaten but not broken. Expect Big Band and big boobs. Expect raunchy humour and jaw dropping surprises. Consider this to be a salute, with a slap and a tickle.

Sunday June 28, 2015 at 1pm-1:30pm:

DFM will be featured at the Clean, Sober and Proud Place, a substance-free area located within a parkette near the centre of all the action at Church and Wellesley (on Wellesley between the subway and Church Street). All are welcome to stop by and take a break from the busy streets, sit back on the grass, and catch some amazing programming from a variety of community members all weekend long.


Keep your eyes peeled throughout the week, as we have a tendency to pop up on street-corners for some sweet bassoon-busking. We tend to find sweet spots near Church/Wellesley or just down the street from Byzantium, so come find us! Last year we had a blast busking at World Pride and even made the news as “alternative to alternative entertainment“!