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Planning meeting January 2015

We had a highly productive band meeting last week, and we are pumped for lots of prospective shows and events this spring.

We are still nailing down dates with a few venues, but we promise to be busy as bassoonists the end of February through March.


Planning meeting…Don’t we look productive?

Sooooo, Here’s what we can disclose so far… On February 28, we will be featured at Bassoonapalooza 2015 at the University of Toronoto. We will be playing a few tunes on the Showcase concert (4:30pm, Walter Hall) and we will also be running a “participation clinic” so that all the attendees can jam on a few of our tunes with us.

We are in talks with about 6 venues to set up shows…so keep your internet homepage set to our event page so you won’t miss a show!

In May, we will be participating in an AIDS fundraiser at Buddies at Bad Times. We are absolutely pumped for this and plan on covering some Queen tunes as a tribute to Freddie, the best performer who ever walked a stage.

Will DFM be busking at Pride? YES! Will DFM be doing shows at or around Pride? Only our event page will know! 😉