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DFM News


Meet the Team – Catherine – 1

Hey, I’m Catherine! I was a late-comer to the bassoon, having only started towards the end of high school. Up until then I was a flute player, with a special interest in the piccolo (of all things), and my family had resigned themselves to having an underemployed treble maker in the family. But my mother, […]


Rehearsal Coaches

DFM is busy preparing for our next set of shows (September 26 at The Flying Beaver Pubaret details found HERE and September 28 in Ryan G. Hinds’ Cabaret show at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre details HERE!) More important than great arrangements, more important than rehearsing, more important than amazing bassoonists…is great coaching. We are […]


Electric bassoon setups 1

Since we’re planning on having a pedal rehearsal in the next week, I thought I’d try out some new toys I got over the summer. I got a Line 6 Verbzilla (which has been on my wish list for a while), and a tube preamp (you can actually see the tube glow!), but my most exciting […]


Electric Bassoon Rehearsal

Catherine, Neil and I have been busy setting up our electronic set ups. We are super pumped! Catherine is a monster and has spent hours and hours finding the perfect clean bassoon sound on her Multi-effect pedal. On Monday Neil and I got to steal her settings and get our own pedals figured out. (Technology […]

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