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Electric Bassoon Rehearsal

Catherine, Neil and I have been busy setting up our electronic set ups. We are super pumped!

Catherine is a monster and has spent hours and hours finding the perfect clean bassoon sound on her Multi-effect pedal. On Monday Neil and I got to steal her settings and get our own pedals figured out. (Technology is so fancy these days!!!! So many buttons and options!) Admittedly I had stared at mine for hours and scrolled through the types of pedals, but truly had no clue what I was doing…the instruction manual’s lack of English was probably a factor in my confusion as well.

Neil and Susan rocking out with their electric set up.

Neil and Susan rocking out with their electric set up.

We officially have about 6 pre-set “sounds” including chorus, octaves up and down and Metal (ROCK ON!).

Wednesday, Catherine and I were back at it, fiddling with settings and working out settings for some of our tunes. It’s a long process to configure settings and match levels not only with yourself but with another bassoon too! (And I’m sure it doesn’t help that my electric bocal is a different kind of pickup than the kind Neil and Catherine have!!!) It is well worth the configuration time though. Catherine and I were rocking metal power chords to Sweet Dreams (Marilyn Manson version), adding special effects to Smells Like Teen Spirit, using chorus to fill out the richness of the harmonies in Africa (Toto), and getting excited about the sounds we could discover for Lady Gaga songs!

I’m looking forward to a weekend full of practicing and playing around with pedal settings…We reconvene on Wednesday for some more pedal antics! (I can’t wait! I love being able to rock extra octaves, and crazy distortion!!!)