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Meet the Team – Graham

Graham's subliminal bassoon messages to young students.

Graham’s subliminal bassoon messages to young students.

Graham is an elementary school teacher and has noticed that there is a lot of bassoon-related flotsam in his room even though he doesn’t actually have any kids that play the bassoon.

Besides a number of engagements with Das Fagott Mannschaft, Graham has recently played with the Sneak Peak Orchestra, the Greater Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Corktown Chamber Orchestra (Dvorak Wind Serenade with Susan!!!) Good times all around.  Next month will find him in Sudbury, North Bay, Georgian Bay, and at Hart House playing with their orchestras.  He’s also REALLY excited to playing contra in Brahms 1 with the Kindred Spirits Orchestra.  Aaaahhhhhh, Brahams………
DFM has a lot of shows coming up.  Check out our event page for all the show info! We’d love to see YOU!!!!