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Hard Hearted Hannah Video

Here it is: our first music video, featuring Eve Angelica and Laura Savage, and directed by the talented Ulla Laidlaw! We are so excited to share it with you!

After months of planning and procrastinating (who are we kidding, we’re the worst at

Recording the audio for Hard-Hearted Hannah at Colin and Cat Bent's place.

Recording the audio for Hard-Hearted Hannah at Colin and Cat Bent’s place.

making real decisions…) We spent a chilly January getting all set for the shoot. Thanks to Cat and Colin Bent who generously opened up their recording studio and their home for us. They are both such wonderful and talented people that they made us sound fantastic, while encouraging us with their enthusiasm! (Not to mention their fun and inspiring apartment full of mini lights and acting posters!)

The beautiful decor at Creations by Design!

The beautiful decor at Creations by Design!

Two weeks later, we were full into video mode. We had a tight schedule but we were excited and ready to go. Thanks to the world of bartering musicians, we were spoiled to be able to use the storefront at Creations by Design. This gorgeous furniture store is located on historic King Street East in downtown Toronto. The store boasts a beautiful old brick wall complete with a fireplace!!! We made use of as much of the beautiful furniture as we could, using about 80% of the store’s floorspace in the video!

Our producer, the talented Ulla Laidlaw had a vision of the video being all shot in one take. This is a really impressive feat…but means that if anything doesn’t work…the whole take is ruined!!! Throughout the video, one gets to see the bassoons, the camera then follows Eve Angelica panning onto the next scene and… the bassoons appear!!!

Eve embodies the character of Hard-Hearted-Hannah, who just happens to be the “meanest girl in town”. She teases and tortures the men in her life, using and abusing them at her will. Throughout the video the bassoonists become her victims…though in good fun…

Although it was a LONG night of filming…(yes, we did it all in one night!!!) We really had a blast putting the video together and are so proud to be showing it off! Here are a few more behind-the-scenes photos for you. Watch the video and feel free to tell us how fabulous we are in the YouTube comments!!!! 😛