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DFM crashes The Painted Lady

As a bassoon cover band, we like to think of ourselves as pretty creative and diverse. We can easily move from flower power to power ballads to power chords, and everything in between, which means we can adapt to pretty much any venue and tailor our sets to please specific clientele.

Playing at The Painted Lady's open mic, March 10, 2014

Playing at The Painted Lady’s open mic, March 10, 2014

That being said, when your name is “Das Fagott Mannschaft”, some venues and demographics just click. So we’ve had our eye on a certain Toronto bar called “The Painted Lady” for a while. Their speciality is burlesque, and it is not unusual to encounter a dancer on top of the bar. So last Monday we made the trek to the west end of the city to crash their weekly open mic.

We knew we were in the right place when we saw the pinup girl decor and racy videos playing on the tv behind the bar. The space, while cosy, it’s very well designed to maximize the usable space. The food filled our bellies and brought back memories of coming home after school to mom, cartoons, and cheese whiz snacks.

The crowd was very warm and enthusiastic, and the stage is lovely to perform on. The host, Jef, was incredibly enthusiastic, and had the bar chanting our name as we left the stage. He described our act as something you would see in New York or Berlin, a huge complement and boost to our egos.

We’re looking forward to playing at The Painted Lady again!